Bedrock Gratitude

I hear my Abba’s gentle voice:

“My beloved children, cultivate true gratitude in your hearts for what I have done for you. Genuine gratitude. Authentic gratitude. Bedrock gratitude. The kind of gratitude that cannot be shaken though the earth moves and shudders beneath your feet. The kind of gratitude that walks in solid confidence and unwavering faith that what was accomplished for you at the Cross can never be undone. The precious blood of Jesus Christ was shed for your salvation. Your redemption is sure. Your eternal destiny is secure in Me. By faith, you have accepted this incomparable gift of grace, and so you are Mine. Give thanks with a truly grateful heart.

Bedrock gratitude demolishes the agenda of the adversary of your soul. It releases your mind from negative thoughts that swarm as gnats, useless and annoying. Simply brush them away and walk out your days in profound awareness of My great and marvelous grace at work on your behalf. Yield to Me with a sweet sigh of deliverance as gratitude strips away your bondage to selfishness. Let your thankful heart be the reason your tightened fists fall to your side in freedom. Rejoice, beloved, that greed will no longer know your address. Listen and watch as your emotions find themselves bathed in heartfelt thankfulness. Once exposed, jealousy and other intruders will flee from you, confused at their abrupt eviction from your inner being. Invite generosity and kindness to move into this newly cleansed internal space—they are welcome and worthy companions.

“Surrender in full measure, beloved, as authentic gratitude dismantles the strong tower of your human pride and diligently keeps your hands and words from rebuilding it. Rejoice in My invitation to live humbly in My presence and My provision. Yes, heartfelt gratitude empowers you even as it militates against the adversary’s strongholds.  

Photo credit: Carol Schafer / Canada

“Only bedrock gratitude has this strength, beloved. Let it be formed in you day by day. Do not weary yourself or those around you with counterfeit thankfulness—that false positivity and empty praise that prances around pretending to be the real thing. That kind of behaviour only irritates and further wounds those who are trying their best to navigate their own circumstances without stumbling. Don’t diminish them by autocorrecting their expressions of weariness. Instead, let your gratitude-filled heart extend great kindness toward the weak and offer gentle encouragement to the weary.  

I am your portion, beloved. You will find your greatest rest when you accept the truth that I am your greatest blessing. Declare from your restful and grateful heart that I am enough, both now and forevermore. Give thanks for this truth with a deeply grateful heart in this season of thankfulness.”

Bible References
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© Carol Schafer 2022

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