What if I said . . . ?

I hear my Abba’s tender whispers:

“Beloved, what if I said that I am always willing to listen to you and respond to your heartfelt requests for help? I am a most tender and compassionate Father. I will never brush you off or scold you for bringing your concerns to Me. I am never too busy for you, My child. What, then, keeps you from coming into My presence?

Listen to your heart. What do you hear? Do you believe that I will respond to you? Or do you think that is only possible for someone else? Do you tell yourself that ‘it’s not important enough,’ or ‘it’s not the right time,’ or ‘it will never be any different for me’?

“Don’t count yourself out, beloved. Don’t cut yourself off from My blessings because of doubt and unbelief in your heart and mind. To have faith in Me is to place your confidence, hope, and trust in Me. I am a good and faithful Father. When you demonstrate your willingness to trust Me, you thrill My heart and I rise up to help you. I am on your side—even more than you are on your side. I am for you and not against you!

Photo credit: Carol Schafer / Canada

“What if I said that the right time for you is now? What if I told you that today is the day of salvation? What if I said that My merciful thoughts and actions toward you are new, fresh, and active every single morning? What if I said that all My plans, purposes, and promises are to bless you and not to harm you? What if I said that My thoughts toward you are not the same thoughts you have about yourself? What if I said that I am more gracious toward you than you are toward yourself? What if I said that I love you, and that I have always loved you?

“Beloved, I have said all these things—and so much more!

“I invite you yet again into this beautiful dialogue with Me. I will respond to your questions and give you timely answers as you learn to listen to My quiet whispers to your hopeful heart. Having faith in Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Lord means that He lives in you by the power of My Holy Spirit. Learn to live in dialogue with My Spirit, beloved, for He will lead you and guide you into all Truth.

“It is time for us to talk, beloved. I have all the time in the world for you—and more.”

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© Carol Schafer 2023

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