Still a Rewarder of Those Who Seek

I hear my Abba’s tender whispers:

“Press in, My child. Press in closer to Me than you’ve ever been before. I have many thoughts to share with you, but My mysteries are only shared with those who seek Me above all else in their lives. I long for the company of those who seek Me as their highest prize. I long for those who desire Me as their full portion. They are few in number, for most only value Me for what I can do for them, for what I can supply to them. My heart longs for those who will long for Me.

“Beloved, will you seek after Me in this way? Search your heart and do not answer quickly. I am not looking for ‘right answers.’ I am looking for true hearts and honest motivations.   

“Search My Word, beloved, and you will find Me there, for I am still a rewarder of those who search for Me with all their hearts. I am also a revealer of secrets, but few know Me that way. Most prefer to leave Me and My mysterious ways outside of their daily experience. They fail to recognize My glory and majesty in My presence in their lives. Instead, they puzzle over their problems as though I do not offer solutions. And then they become bored with Me.

“Let this not be a description of you, My child, for I am unsearchable and inexhaustible. You cannot ever reach the end of Me! My knowledge, My creativity, My excellence, My nature—these are only a hint of My attributes. And above them all, I am holy. Who is like Me? There is none like Me! I am inviting you to know Me at a deeper level, for those who know their God shall do exploits!

“You desire greater creativity? You do well to come to Me! You desire breakthrough? You’ve come to the Author of breakthrough! You desire purpose? I’ve had purposes in mind for you since before the creation of the world!

“Draw nearer, beloved. And nearer still. Pursue Me and My ways with all of your heart—and you will find that I am more than willing to reveal My mysterious ways to you and to bless you with the blessings reserved for those who seek Me above all else. Draw near, My beloved child, and you will most certainly be rewarded, both now and forever.”

Bible References

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© Carol Schafer 2023

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