Blessed are the Prayerful

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“Blessed are those among My precious children who are found in My presence in these days, their hearts bowed low, humbled in prayer. These are the ones who know their true comfort and strength is in Me. They hear My tender voice speak into their hearts in the reverent silence between their own thoughts. These are the ones who have learned that true rest and peace are found in the quiet pastures beside the still waters of My Spirit. They have discovered that serenity of soul (mind, will, emotions) and unflinching confidence in Me is their strength from day to day. Even in these days. Especially in these days.

“Blessed are those whose voices are heard before My eternal throne. Who bring forth faith-filled requests, petitions, and intercessions without blush or fear. Whose righteous prayers arise and are mixed with incense and ignite in My presence. The aroma and smoke arise before Me as I listen from heaven, attending unto their prayers, requests, and intercessions until their burdens are all cast before Me. And I respond with lightnings and thunderings from My holy habitation within their own hearts, where Christ is seated as King. Burdens are set down and the power of heaven is released.

“Blessed are those who choose to know Me this way. These are the ones who turn away from their self-righteous ways and seek only My ways. These are the ones whose hearts break when they see the earth as I see it. These are the ones whose prayers move heaven on behalf of earth.

Photo credit: Carol Schafer / Canada

“Oh, My children, redeemed and restored to Me through grace and by faith in My Son, Jesus Christ, let Me assure you that even a whisper of heartfelt, fervent prayer from your honest, humbled heart is always heard before My throne.

“Blessed are those who respond to My pull on their hearts, recognizing that the King of Glory presses them to intercede and call out for My kindness—My merciful kindness that leads to repentance—to fill the whole earth. These are the ones who understand that desiring ‘on earth as it is in heaven’ is not the same as whining or pining for ‘on earth as it was on earth.’

“My holy summons to the throne room has gone out to My people everywhere, in every land, in every tongue. Blessed are those who hear My voice and are quick to respond. Blessed are those who humble themselves and pray.”

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