Settle Your Heart

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“Oh, My beloved children, settle it in your hearts that I alone am your Deliverer. Humble yourselves before Me and hear My heart for you. No matter what circumstances you face you will not stumble, but only if you choose to humble yourselves quietly before Me. Seek not the ways of trouble, violence, and anger, but seek peace and pursue it. I have called you to be a people of prayer for all nations and a people of tender humility before Me. All that you do should reflect who Jesus Christ is in you.

“Let this confidence be in you: I have already started a good thing in your life. Your salvation through the grace of Jesus Christ, which you have embraced by repentance and faith, is that good thing. I am not one to leave a task undone or a work of art unfinished. You are a masterpiece in progress in My hands. My own craftsmanship is at stake. I am the Author of your faith and also the Perfector of it. Allow My work to take place on the inside of you, beloved. My reputation as your Lord will not be tarnished, but you must remain in the place of yieldedness before Me if you are to see My favour surround you as a shield of protection. Your yieldedness to My will and My ways is measured in your quiet obedience to My Word and My Spirit.

Photo: Carol Schafer / Canada

“You will come through the challenges you face. All of them. My unfailing presence on the inside of you will guide your steps, but you must choose to walk in quiet humility before Me and listen for My voice of peace and truth speaking in the inner recesses of your soul (mind, will, emotions). Remember that the hairs of your precious head are all still known by Me and that I have overlooked nothing that concerns you. Trust My voice and no other, including your own.

“Settle your heart, beloved. Look unto Jesus and your gaze will turn heavenward. As you turn your focus away from the noise and agitation around you, the volume within you will subside. Choose to quiet yourself in My presence. Think on My unfailing goodness and mercy toward you. Recount to yourself the kindnesses I have already shown you and be overcome with gratitude.

“Oh, beloved, as you choose to remain quieted internally, moment by moment, you will be unmoved by the world and all its ways. My peace supersedes all else. Let it settle over you even as you remain alert in your spirit. Then, when situations arise that threaten to disturb your peace, you will be prepared to examine what is going on, right here with Me. You will pay attention to the deep caution in your soul and ask My Spirit for wisdom and guidance. He will always show you the way back to peace. Choose the path of My peace, beloved, for it settles your heart like nothing else.”

Bible References
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© Carol Schafer 2022

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