Where I Take You

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“Walk with Me, My child. Walk out your days on the path of My righteousness at work in your life from day to day. Walk in the awareness that My goodness and My mercy are your constant companions on this path that is so often narrow, steep, and solitary. Trust Me, for I alone know the way that I am taking you.

“Pay no heed to those who pressure you to follow them. Resist all flattery, persuasive words, and pressure tactics: these are tools of darkness and I have called you to walk in the light. Let no one disturb your peace or steal your joy as you walk the path I set before you. Your ransom was paid at the cross by the blood of Jesus Christ. By your acceptance of My gift of grace and your declaration of faith in Christ alone you are restored to Me. I am your Heavenly Father. Your Abba.

“Know that others—even well-meaning others—speak and act based on what they see in you, often for their own benefit. Others can only look on outward appearances but I see directly into your heart. Take no offence when others pressure you. Refuse to be bothered by what they say or do or even by what they want from you. If I have not directed you to join them then that is not where I would have you to be. Simply forgive, release, bless, and continue on in the way I am leading you. You need not explain.

“Remember this, the power that is found in agreement is strong—remember what happened at Babel? Those who are in agreement with one another have power, sometimes great power. Learn to discern the source of the power behind the agreement. Ask Me whether it is from Me, from human strength, or from darker forces that seek to work against you. Never assume that agreement in numbers or even in purpose is the same as being led by My Holy Spirit.

Photo credit: Carol Schafer / Canada

“The crowd is seldom right, My child. They shun the narrow path. Walking single file up a steady incline appeals to very few. Your allegiance is to Me and not to another. Your purpose, direction, and assignments must all come from Me. At times you will join with others and be joined by others—I will show you when and where and for how long. At other times you will walk alone with Me. Lace up the shoes I place on your feet. Do not presume to wear those of another for they will cause you awkwardness and pain. They may even cause you to stumble.

“I am still your Good Shepherd, My child. I am taking you to the green pastures and peaceful waters of My holy presence where I will surely restore your precious soul. Follow Me.”

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© Carol Schafer 2020

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