Cheering You On!

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“The noise is joyfully deafening from where we’re watching you, My child! You cannot begin to imagine the throng that cheers you on from the heavenly realms! Oh, I know, you’ve been in a stadium or two and you’ve heard cheering before. You’ve added your shouts for those you wanted to see win the prize. You’ve joined the excitement of a crowd that’s worked up with appreciation for all the effort, skill, and determination that have gone into the moment you’re watching. Maybe you’ve cheered for a single runner in a footrace. Or for a team bent on regaining an advantage against a strong rival. Perhaps you’ve applauded a musical performance by a single individual or an entire orchestra. Or you’ve clapped with joy over a child’s first steps. Yes, you’ve stood to your feet in the exhilaration of the moment and you’ve cheered others on with everything you had to give.

Photo credit: Carol Schafer / Canada

“Way to go, My child! Way to go. Continue to cheer others on. But now hear Me on this, for this word is for you.

“Joyful cheers resound throughout the heavenly realms even at this moment for you! Yes, you! If you could only see! If you could only hear! If you could only catch a glimpse of the crowd that is on your side even now as you take your next breath. Yes, clouds of spectators from those ancient days are shouting your name with an enthusiasm that would astound you! Yes, your redeemed loved ones are ecstatic as you persevere from one well-lived day to another! Even those from throughout the ages whose names you’ve never heard eagerly join in to cheer you on, beloved. And leading them all, well, that would be My Son, now, wouldn’t it? He’s your biggest fan! With joy glistening in His eyes, He’s relentless in working up the noise level on your behalf. It’s quite the thing, really. Really. Yes, really.

“Let Me ask you this, beloved:
If Christ is for you then
who could ever be against you?

“I know that you sometimes feel that no one is on your side or that no one knows how hard it is to get through the challenges you face, but your feelings are not reliable indicators of reality, are they? Your feelings stem from the brokenness of your own soul (mind, will, emotions) so much of the time. But My Word speaks to you of the great cloud of witnesses who lived on this earth and faced their own struggles, challenges, and even failures, and who then got themselves up again to get back into their race. You see, My child, though you fall I will help you get back up again as many times as is needed for you to run and finish and win the race set before you.

“Have faith to believe that in Christ you are always moving forward in ultimate triumph. Stand alert, beloved, for I call you triumphant! Remain strong, determined, and courageous. Take heart and do not be discouraged, for you will not be disgraced because I have already said that there is no condemnation for those who are in Jesus Christ. When troubles surround you, let them only serve as reminders that I will preserve you and that My unfailing power is always at work on your behalf.

“Believe Me, beloved, this race is well worth running and your greatest victory is already assured. Keep pressing forward and know that these temporary troubles will give way to the eternal glory that awaits. Activate the faith that has been given to you in ample measure and fix your attention on what is unseen-but-so-real by remaining unswerving in your determination to press on. And then do it.

“Remember this, though the race may seem long and lonely at times the heavenly throng will never stop cheering you on. They know that the hour is late, the days are short, and time is passing quickly. They also know that the glorious prize is worth all your focus, effort, and determination. They know that Jesus Christ, your most faithful Friend and greatest Advocate, has already obtained the ultimate victory on your behalf.

“The stands are not empty. The atmosphere is not silent. Look and listen for the sounds of heaven cheering you on. Let My Holy Spirit resonate with your spirit, bearing witness of My Truth and My Word at work on the inside of you. Christ in you is still your one and only hope of glory, so listen for the sound of heaven cheering you on day by day.

“And would you bless Me by listening for My voice within your very own heart cheering you on with the words, Way to go, My precious child! Way to go!’

Bible References
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© Carol Schafer 2021

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