Your Full Portion

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“Feast on Me, My beloved child. Let nothing stop you from receiving the full portion of the blessings I have set before you. Your place is ready at My bountiful table of enduring grace and compassionate mercy.

“Feast, by faith, on the certainty that the shed blood of Jesus Christ has secured your position as My redeemed child. By your choice and your faith you have stepped into My provision of unmerited kindness. Let this mystery be your sumptuous portion day by day.

Photo credit: Carol Schafer

“Yes, I have prepared a table overflowing with My grace and mercy in the wide-open presence of your adversaries. Your adversaries? Fear, worry, doubt, mistrust, despair, hatred, apprehension, dread, panic, foreboding, suspicion, unbelief. Need I name more? These would strive endlessly to take you down, beloved, but I have already defeated all of your adversaries on your behalf. Even so, you must partake of that which has been provided for you.

“Feast with me in My Word and by My Spirit and you will experience your full portion of victory, even as your adversaries watch helplessly. Alarm will subside, apprehension fade, dread dissolve, unbelief vanish, and your remaining adversaries will scatter. Believe Me when I say that they will not hang around to watch you feast in My presence for they know the truth of your full portion and the certainty of their ultimate defeat.

“This is a moveable feast, My child, for wherever you are I am with you. I will never leave your side, nor will I turn away and abandon you. I take delight in watching you discover the full portion of My goodness in your life. My extravagance will never leave you scraping the platter to fill your soul with true gladness for this is the mere beginning of the outpouring of My love for you. This is just the starting point to My full acceptance of you, for you are fully and completely accepted in My Beloved Son.

“So think on these things: My grace, My mercy, My love, and My acceptance of you by your faith in Jesus Christ. Ponder your full portion in My presence and watch what happens inside of you. Fear will flee, distress will be routed out of your vicinity, panic will be apprehended, and suspicion will slither off quickly to show itself the nearest exit. Your adversaries will be scattered, one and all.

“And you, My child, will continue to dine in peace and joy with Me and I with you. In time, you will arise in strength as one who is well nourished and fearless. One who is brave and confident. One who has embraced your true identity. One whose enemies dare not come near for they know they are defeated by your continual feast on your full portion of My grace, My mercy, My love, and My acceptance in My most welcoming presence. Let this be your continual celebration in Jesus Christ.”

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© Carol Schafer 2021

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