Continue On!

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“My beloved child, recognize the significance of these days and seek Me for guidance in each decision you face. Continue to seek Me with your whole heart and I will prove My faithfulness to you. Grow in My wisdom, for it will preserve your life.

“Your major decisions are the accumulation of your smaller decisions. Every decision counts because they all lead you somewhere. This is why I tell My children to choose well. Do not be overwhelmed by this. Do not become unable to make a decision because you fear making the wrong one and so avoid making any decision at all. You already make decisions of many kinds every day. Every small decision in My direction and on the path of My goodness and My righteousness is another step in your life’s direction. So few understand this.

“You are headed into a future that you cannot see—but I can. Each new day is another opportunity to follow Me and remain steadfast in your journey.

My faithfulness
and your steadfastness
are intertwined.

“Not all days are full of excitement and adventure, but they can still be fulfilling and enjoyable. Not all days bring opportunity or recognition, but continuing in patient obedience builds character of soul (mind, will, emotions). Not all days overflow with strength and hope, but endurance is gained one determined step at a time. So continue on, child!

“And in those times when you falter—because sometimes you step away from My best for you—be assured that I am waiting for your return. I am your loving Heavenly Father, and I am always ready to forgive one of My own who is truly repentant. I do not demand perfection from you, for I know that you are frail and that you sometimes become weak and weary. But I also know that with Jesus Christ living inside you, you are far more than a conqueror—even when you cannot see this for yourself. When you are weak then Christ in you is your strength, giving you the courage and determination to continue on.

“Follow My ways. Read My Word. Live in simplicity and truth and faith in Me. By putting My ways into action you are activating My plans for your life. My purposes are always good and your precious salvation is worth living out in this way.

Photo credit: Carol Schafer / Canada

“Say to yourself each morning, ‘I will live this day well as an expression of gratitude to my Heavenly Father for sending His Only Son to redeem my soul from sin. And I will live this day by the power of the Holy Spirit because nothing can match the power of Jesus Christ in me.’ And at the end of the day, talk to Me about those things that have transpired, both good and less than good. I will counsel you with My wisdom and uphold you with My faithfulness as you steadfastly determine to continue on.”   

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