Dwelling Place

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“Am I your dwelling place, beloved? In these days of great uncertainty throughout the earth I would have you find your safe haven in Me. Come close, and even closer. I am not subject to social or physical distancing restrictions nor am I carrying any unseen enemy that would bring harm your way. I am your Heavenly Father and My desire is to wrap you in My everlasting arms during this time of crisis upon the planet you call home. For now.

“Find your home of homes in Me, dear child. Let Me be your shelter during this storm. Let Me whisper peace into the quavering recesses of your heart. Let Me offer you a quiet place for your soul (mind, will, emotions) to rest. Your mind needs rest from having to navigate so much information, not all of it accurate or even helpful. Your will needs rest from being rerouted at every familiar turn. Your emotions need rest from anxiety and fatigue.

So come.
Let Me be your dwelling place
in these days that are like no other.

“Find your resting place in My Word and receive the strength that is readily available to all those who willingly wait upon Me in the quiet place. Find your security in My presence for I am Love and love cannot fail. Beloved, put aside the secret fear that I will fail you, for I have never failed anyone yet and I’m not about to begin with you! Set your hope in Me for I am unchanging and My strength is undiminished. As you have built your house upon the Rock of My Salvation, you will surely weather the storm that rages in this hour. I speak peace and stillness to your soul. I am yet with you—nearer than you know. I will never leave you nor forsake you, so rest your weary soul in My presence.

Photo credit: Carol Schafer

“Abide in Me and I will abide in you. Remember that Jesus Christ in you remains your one and only hope of eternal glory. This glory is already seeded, germinated, alive, and growing in you. Surrender yourself to receive physical rest from My glorious presence in you—and be renewed. Saturate your soul in My glorious presence that is already resident in you—and be restored. Dwell in Me, beloved, as I dwell in you. Align your heart and thoughts and priorities and spirit with Mine during this time of hiddenness and seclusion. Remain hidden in Me for My purposes are still good. Remain secluded in Me for My plans are still eternal. This time of hiddenness and seclusion calls you unto Me, for I am your true dwelling place. 

“Dwell in Me, beloved, and you will emerge from this time as a carrier of My presence in ways you cannot yet imagine.”

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© Carol Schafer 2020

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