Which Kingdom Comes?

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“The kingdom of the evil one deals in lies and distortions.
The kingdom of this world deals in facts and opinions.
The kingdom of God deals in Truth and Love.

“Choose wisely what your ears will hear and what your eyes will see during this season of time. Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flow the issues of life. Your life.

“Your steps will follow where your heart leads.”

“Know this. Learn to recognize truth and you will discern so much more from moment to moment, no matter the situation or circumstance. Memorize this. Have it at hand, for it will be a useful tool in setting captives free. And setting captives free is the assignment that awaits you.

“Expect the clash of kingdoms to play out in full display. Expect deception to be rampant. Expect noise and volume like you’ve never heard before. Expect peace and quiet in My presence. These are all in abundance, depending what kingdom you are aligning yourself with in these days. In quietness and confidence shall be your strength if you are fully established in My kingdom. Did I not say, let not your heart be troubled? Did I not say, cast all your cares upon Me? Did I not say, come unto Me all who are heavily burdened? What makes you think now is the time to change your mind?

Photo credit: Carol Schafer / Canada

“As to those who scoff at you because you are not as anxious as they are, they are not your guides. They are the blind leading the blind and they are always looking for a greater following from among those who are willing to take a perverted form of comfort in shared morbidity. Those who tell you that you are not living in reality do not know what it means to be seated in heavenly places with Me. They look to the opinions of the human mind; vain imaginations churn out more and more with every news cycle. There is no end to the opinions of those who exalt the sound of their voices to heights beyond what Babel reached so long ago. The facts, of course, align solidly with the opinions of the moment, and so the fires of argument are continually fueled.

“My kingdom remains unfazed. It is as it was and it is as it shall ever be. That which is eternal is not governed by the minds of men and women. My kingdom is secure. Unchanging. Unshakeable. So as the shaking continues all around you, many voices will clamour to be heard.

“The voices that receive your greatest attention are the ones you will receive into your heart and the ones you will follow. Discern well, My people. Choose Me. Choose Truth. Choose My Word above all other words that spin around you, inside your own mind and outside in the air waves. Walk in My Truth. Rely on My Word. I have not changed.”

© Carol Schafer 2020

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