Your Shield and Protector!

“I am the One who rides the heavens in majesty to hasten to your side, My child. I support you from beneath with My everlasting arms of love. I drive out the enemies who stand before you and I remove obstacles that are too heavy for you. I make a way where there seems to be no way. Fresh streams in the wasteland are your reality. Tread upon the high places in safety and watch as your enemies cringe before you. I am your shield and your protector!

“Come boldly before My throne of grace, covered as you are with the shed blood of My Beloved Son. The blood of Christ paid for your ransom from every enemy of your soul.

“It is time to confront the unbelieving nooks and crannies in your own believing heart. Your wholeness continues to unfold in the safety of My presence and My holiness. Your heartfelt honesty brings you face-to-face with your enemies in My presence. Name your doubts and disappointments, your fears and failures. This is holy ground and you are safe with Me. And from this safe and holy place, allow Me to bring healing to your deepest wounds.

“Are you willing to name your enemies in My presence, child? Fear is your enemy. Doubt is your enemy. Unbelief is your enemy. Pride is your enemy. Confusion is your enemy.  Jealousy is your enemy. To name but a few. But this I say to you:

“Do not give refuge to your enemies
while asking Me to deliver you from them!”

“In the holy place before My throne of grace all else falls silent. That includes every distracting voice that clamours for your attention. When those voices are silenced in My presence, you can hear Me—and hear Me clearly. You will discover that you do recognize My voice, for you’ve heard it before. I am your Heavenly Father, and you belong to Me. You have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ.

palm tree
Photo credit: Carol Schafer / California

“I do not expect you to pull yourself together so that you will not let Me down. Instead, draw near to Me in humility and submit yourself to Me in the safety of My presence. From that position of My protection, resist every enemy that seeks to ambush you in a careless moment. Resist—in the mighty name of Jesus Christ—and one by one your enemies will stagger, waver, and turn away in defeat. Give no refuge to an enemy of your soul!

“I am with you, child. Christ is in you, and far, far greater is He who is in you than any enemy that could ever dare to come against you. Believe the truth that authentic victory is available to you, even this very day.”


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