You Belong!

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“Let Me remind you, My child, that you belong to Me! I have begun a very good work in you and I will surely complete it. Every matter that concerns you receives My careful attention. Not a hair of your head is left uncounted. Not a tear that you shed is left to dry unnoticed. Your sighs and longings shall surely be transformed into shouts of joy in the fullness of time!

“Until then—choose joy. Even today. Joy is found in abundance in My holy presence, so come to Me for every need of your soul (mind, will, emotions). Your joy-infused soul will view your circumstances from a much brighter perspective. My joy sheds spiritual light. My joy releases laughter in your precious heart, and your joy-filled laughter is so good for your soul! Laugh with My joy when your circumstances whisper thoughts of lack in your life. Smile that beautiful smile I gave you because your confidence is secure in Me, your Heavenly Father. I am a good, good Father and I would never give My beloved children a heavy stone when they come to Me asking for life-sustaining bread.

january-2019-sunrise.jpg“Draw near to Me, dear child. Talk through your deepest fears with Me. Speak to Me of those things that keep you awake in the night and cause you to pull away from others. Cast all of your cares on Me, for I do care for you. Oh, if only you knew how much I care for you! I love you with My everlasting love!

“Will you do something if I ask it of you? Yes? Do not look to others for what only I have promised to give you. Others cannot meet all of your heart’s needs. Expecting them to do so will only leave you and them confused and disappointed. When you realize this, you will find yourself walking in greater freedom and you will begin to appreciate others for who they are and not for what you think you can expect from them. Likewise, learn to follow Me and not let others make demands of you that I have not set before you.

“Declare in your heart that this year shall be one of allowing Me to restore your soul from the enemies of tangled thinking and unwieldy expectations. Make this a year of staying the course, of preparing your heart for the future I have for you, and of discovering the easy yoke of faithfulness that springs from My joy rather than from personal obligation.

“Seek peace, child, and pursue it inside your own heart. Set aside all that which does not belong to make room for all that which does belong on the inside of you. As you do these things, a refreshing and wellness will replace the stagnation and sense of entrapment that holds your heart in a dismal place.

“Look up! Look up! Your redemption draws so near! Seek first My Kingdom inside of you—for Christ is in you—and everything else shall surely be added to you in the fullness of time. Set your heart to rejoicing, for My Kingdom is a place of celebration! Walk daily in the assurance that you belong to Me!”


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