Forgive Well

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“Come to Me, beloved, and receive My good and faithful love for you. I am your Heavenly Father and I desire that you live the life that My Son paid for you to receive. He paid a high price when He hung on that cross and died for you, did He not? His desire was for you to be set free from the penalty of sin. He fulfilled My desire for you by making a way for your relationship to Me to be restored forever. I’m so glad to have you in My family! I would have you think on these things often. You belong to Me. You are not your own. You have been bought with a price so high you cannot fathom the real cost.

Photo credit: Carol Schafer / Canada

“And now, as My beloved child, I ask you to follow My ways as you walk out your days. Set aside those things and times and situations that reflect poorly on who you are in Me. Let them go. Forgive yourself and forgive others. Let all things become new. Rise above your failings and set your sight on things above. Are you willing to live for Me? Are you willing to walk into a future that is as bright as the promises I have made to those who follow Me? Every promise in My Book is yours—but you must follow Me.

“Do not think that you can live however you want and then just run to Me to fix the problems of your own making. Like any good father, I expect My children to obey My commands. My commands are not the high-minded diatribes of a punitive overseer, but the loving instructions from a good, good Father who wants to see you succeed in all you do. Would you settle for anything less in your life? I think not! Choose well, My dear child.

“Part of choosing well is choosing to forgive those who have caused you pain. Forgiving is a choice—and it is a choice you must make for your own benefit. Otherwise, you carry the poison of unforgiveness on the inside of you and you cannot be truly well if you hide—or even protect—this internal poison. I am telling you right now that unforgiveness always backfires, My child. Don’t let that happen to you. But recognize that forgiving is a process that you must be willing to walk through—with Me. I alone am able to heal you of the wounds to your heart and soul (mind, will, emotions). Spend time with Me and become one who is truly free. Let Me bring about the healing that will make you whole.”


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