Always. With. You.

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“Your times and seasons are in My hands, My child. I am responsible for everything that pertains to you. I am your Heavenly Father; I am always good. My supply for you is neither diminished nor depleted. My supply for you originates from My riches in glory. Does this make your heart soar or do you simply sigh in defeat?

Photo Credit: Carol Schafer / Canada

“This world is only your temporary home, dear one. Your days here will be sorted out and numbered and carefully assigned, and I am in all of it as you learn to trust Me with each and every detail. Do not borrow from tomorrow’s happiness by worrying this day away. Trust that I am always with you and then be present in the moment that I am always with you in.

“When you become anxious for tomorrow you reveal your lack of trust that I will be with you tomorrow. I am present with you—right here, right now—so the question then becomes whether you are present with Me, right here, right now.

“I am your loving Abba and I will lead you on. I desire to take you by the hand and walk with you, side by side. With childlike faith, place your small and timid hand into Mine. I am in no hurry to move into the next hour because My delight is to be with you at this very moment. Time is not My master and neither should it be yours. It is only My creation to serve you in this world. Trust Me, for I have all things worked out. Place your hope in Me and Me alone. Walk with Me at My pace for you.

“I know this is hard for you to understand, but ask Me for wisdom and I will gladly answer you. Trust Me enough to lean into Me for the decisions that are before you. And be ready to receive My answers to your prayers the moment you release all your cares into My hands. My ways are not your ways—they are always better. Can you trust Me in this, too? Draw your breath from My Holy Spirit. Inhale My life and strength with each breath. Breathe deeply, knowing that every concern of yours for yourself and those dearest to you is before My throne. I have indeed heard your prayers, beloved.

“Trust Me and receive My love and tender care for you. I am your Abba and I am always with you. Always. With. You.”


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© Carol Schafer 2019


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