Extraordinary Living

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“My beloved child, how I delight in you! That you seek My face and My will tells Me so much about your heart and your deepest desires. Yes, I can always look into your heart and into the inner core of who you are, but when you choose to seek after Me and pursue Me you shall surely—and always—find Me!

Photo credit: Carol Schafer / Rwanda

“How I love it when you set aside time to be with Me. In prayer. In My Word. In solitude. In worship. You bless Me as well as delight Me when you do these things. And yes, I do have plans for you and I will reveal them to you as you wait upon Me in the secret place. Be alone with Me often. I desire to speak to you in the quietness of your heart and soul (mind, will, emotions). My voice is heard most clearly when you are at peace and I inhabit the silence between your own thoughts. Settle yourself in Me. Listen for Me. For I will speak to you and you will hear Me. You already know My voice.

“Listen for Me as you go about your day. I am with you even as you go about those things that seem to be mundane and ordinary. I spend time with you in this way as well. I direct you and guide you at all times. Ask Me to put into your path those whom you may bless each day—and then watch as I do this. Day after day, the ordinary becomes the extraordinary. Day after day, the natural gives way to My supernatural. My purposes are already being fulfilled in your life as you walk with Me moment by moment.

“Listen for Me as I teach you those things that you do not yet know. Listen for new thoughts to explore and then ask Me what I would have you learn about them. Listen to your spirit as it communes with My Spirit. Instruct your soul to hush itself while your spirit enjoys My presence. Be strengthened in your inner person. Let righteousness, peace, and joy be your daily portion as you walk in My eternal kingdom, even here and now!

“Listen to Me and learn of Me, beloved! I am so willing to share My presence with those who place their full trust in Me. Those who know that they can count on Me to meet their every need. I am so willing to share My secrets with those whom I can trust to follow Me, staying in step, staying in stride at My side. I am so willing to open doors for those who will enter through them in humility and grace. I am so willing to give out holy assignments to those who have made themselves ready in the secret place with Me. And this is why I ask you to listen and to learn of Me.

“I will indeed cause you to arise at the right time, and you will know that you know that I am sending you. Be encouraged, dear one, and take your delight in Me!”


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Will You Pray?
© Carol Schafer 2019

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