Will You Pray?

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“Let Me be Me in your life today. Let Me be Lord of Heaven’s Armies on your behalf. Let Me go forth and meet your enemies on the battlefield in your place. You need only stay in the shelter of My protection and watch Me win this battle for you this day. Your enemies cannot stand against Me!

599“But child, don’t misunderstand Me. Your enemies are seldom who you think they are. Never think of another person as your enemy. Never. Oftentimes, those who oppose you are themselves held captive by lies and half-lies perpetuated by the enemy of the precious human soul. Pray for the release of the captives from their dangerous captivities. Pray for My pure and holy light to penetrate the ponderous darkness, for darkness is only the absence of light and will vanish in a moment. Pray for bondages to fall off of those whose spirits are crushed beneath them. Pray for truth to prevail against lies disguised as truth so that the freedom that is gained is true freedom and not just an opportunity to exchange one form of bondage for another. Pray for those of My own who are content to remain in spiritual slumber, that they would wake up and join with those who offer up righteous prayers, for the prayers of My righteous ones still avail much. If you only knew how much you would live out your days in the posture of humility and intercession.

“Pray, My people, pray that My Kingdom will come and that My will will come forth on earth as it is in heaven. Those who are held captive in darkness need the compassionate prayers of those who walk in the light. Humble yourself before Me, then, and fall to your knees and pray.”

Photo credit: Carol Schafer / Israel

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