My Sheep Still Hear My Voice

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“I am your Good Shepherd, and I still desire that My sheep hear My voice and follow Me! I am not a silent, distant, uncaring shepherd who never speaks to those who are counted among his own flock. The truth is, I am always speaking—but you rarely hear Me. Can we talk about that? You must train yourself to listen for My voice if you truly expect to hear from Me and receive the direction and instruction you say you want and need. Are you willing to do what it takes to listen for the sound of My voice throughout your day? Think twice before you answer quickly.

sheep rotated“Could you use some one-to-One time with your Shepherd? If so, get comfortable with silence. Defy your impulses to surround yourself with sounds. Quiet the compulsion to block out silence. Shut off the endless external noises. Turn off your gadgets and devices and sit quietly before Me, alone, without your distractions and entertainments, and without the sound of your own voice going on and on and on. This is the easy part! It’s more difficult to turn off the volume on the inside of your head and heart, but this is also necessary. Speak to your mind and tell it to be still. Train your inner rantings and reasonings to be silent and they will stop at your command. My voice is known to those whose ear is attuned to the sound of it. Start with finding that place of outer and inner quietness. Then listen for the words from My heart that grow inside you in the silence between your own thoughts. For I still speak, and My sheep still hear My voice.”

Photo credit: Carol Schafer / Jordan

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