Will you walk with Me?

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“When I say come, dear child, it’s because the way has been made open for you to walk with Me each day. You need not wonder. You need not fear. You have no need to linger on the outside of My welcome to you when I’ve already—and repeatedly—called you to come near. There’s nothing I love more than spending time with My beloved children. I long to hear your voice and see your face turned toward Me each and every day. I am so deeply in love with each of you. Let Me touch your head and smooth your hair. Let Me lift your chin with My finger so that you will look into My eyes. Don’t look away, child, for it breaks My heart that you think I cannot love you. Why are you so reluctant to see Me for who I am?

path Israel 1“I am your loving Heavenly Father. If others have told you otherwise, then we need to talk about that, My precious one. If others have painted a picture of Me with dark and angry strokes, then they have inflicted a great injury upon your soul. I loved you so much that I sent My Son, Jesus Christ, to show you who I am, and to show you the way back to Me. I love you so much that I am compelled to offer you complete and total redemption through His perfect sacrifice. I love you so much that I gave you a will of your own so that you can choose whether to receive the gift that is set before you. I love you so much that I will not require your love from you, nor require anything from you as payment for what I freely offer to you. The questions then are these: Will you receive My love for you? Will you accept My gift of salvation? Will you follow the One who is the Way back to Me so that I can hold you in My loving embrace—for all eternity?”

Peace and Quiet
Photo credit: Carol Schafer / Israel

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