Bring Your Scattered Thoughts

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“When your thoughts fall and scatter like leaves in autumn, bring your weary mind to Me. When your concentration splinters at the slightest shift in your peripheral vision, bring your weary mind to Me. When your memory struggles to recall why you’re doing what you’re doing, bring your weary mind to Me. Your mind needs rest, beloved. It’s been so busy telling you what to do, organizing and prioritizing you into exhaustion, and marshalling internal battles round after round. Call off the inner whirlwind! Learn the beauty and value of silence. Let quietness and confidence be your strength.

leaves on ground“Filling your atmosphere with constant sound—whether external noise or your own internal droning—drowns out My voice. And then you wonder why I seem so distant. Hear this, beloved! I am near, but I will not shout to get your attention. If you truly want to hear from Me, you must draw near and listen for My quiet voice in the hush between your own thoughts. What I have to say to you is worth hearing—and well worth heeding. Instruct your mind to find its rest in Me by coming into agreement with My Word, even as your spirit finds rest in coming into agreement with My Spirit. I will keep you in perfect peace when your mind stays centred on My goodness and faithfulness. Nothing about My purposes for you requires your mind to be exhausted. I invite you to come to Me. Bring your scattered thoughts, all you who are weary and overly burdened. I will renew and refresh your mind in My rest.”

Photo credit: Carol Schafer / Alberta

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