Inside of You

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“See! I am as good as I say I am! There is no shadow of turning in Me. In fact, there are no shadows of any kind in Me, for I am Light itself. Glorious, radiant, holy, and perfect in every way. I am who I say I am.

dark pink daisies 1

“I desire to be who I am on the inside of you. Am I your Saviour? Then let My redemption show forth in your life. Am I your unending source of all that you need? Then let My abundance be made known in your heart toward others as you share generously of what I have entrusted to you. Am I your comfort in all distress? Then walk in peace and joy because distress has been removed from your perimeter. Am I your hope? Then let hope sing in your heart and mind, eradicating all doubt and fear. Am I your Eternal Father? Then you have no need to walk out your days as one who has no one to watch over all that concerns you. Am I your strength? Then lean into Me and let Me carry the load that you refuse to set at My feet. Am I your Teacher? Then learn of Me and grow in obedience to My ways. Am I your unfailing help? Then set aside every fear and move forward. Am I limitless? Then My limitlessness is also your limitlessness. You are Mine and I will withhold no good thing from you.

“Believe these things. Be not forgetful of who I am in your life. For I am kind and good and faithful. Be these as well, as you follow My example throughout your day. This day. The one that you woke up to, by My loving grace and provision. This very day.”

Photo credit: Carol Schafer / Alberta

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