In You

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“Beloved, find a quiet place and listen to My heart for you. When I came to this beautiful but broken planet I came to show you the Father. If you trust what you see in Me, then you can trust that My Father is truly good, for I am like Him. It’s a family resemblance we share. And when you accepted the gift of His grace through faith and the finished work of My shed blood for you, then I live in you by the Spirit, and He also is good. I and My Father are one, and we are one with the Holy Spirit. And when by faith you come into restored relationship with the Father through Me, by the power of the Holy Spirit, then you are also made at one with us even though you remain in your earth-walk, for now.


“Take time every day to let your renewed spirit commune with Me and the Father through the Holy Spirit in you. Your spirit has ascendancy over your soul (mind, will, emotions), but you have to exercise that authority. Stand your ground in your own internal being. Your mind will talk back. Doesn’t it always? Your will will rise up to shout about its rights. Doesn’t it always? Your emotions will race this way and that ranting about imminent shipwreck. Don’t they always fear the worst? Take authority over your soul, beloved. Command your nattering mind and you stubborn will to submit to the authority of Christ in you. Command your heaving emotions to be at peace. Refuse to give way to the storms brewing on the inside of you. As I was in the boat with My disciples, so I am with you. I live IN you. You are not alone, for I am Christ in you. You are not weak, for I am Christ in you. You are not forgotten, for I am Christ in you. Lean into Me in you. And you will overcome through My strength. In you.”

© Carol Schafer
September 9, 2019

 Photo credit: Carol Schafer / Dominican Republic

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