Drenched in Mercy

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“Hear Me on this, My children, for I am your Heavenly Father. I have drenched you in My mercy, have I not? Hear Me on this: I still love the world. I have never stopped loving the world and every single soul in it. The ransom price has been paid and My Son has opened the way for every soul to be redeemed unto Me. It is still My mercy and kindness that lead people to repentance. It is still My mercy that triumphs over judgement.


“Consider My mercy toward you, dear ones. Consider it every day. Let your awareness be saturated with My goodness toward you as revealed through My mercy. And if you desire goodness and mercy to follow you all the days of your life, then show My incomparable mercy to others. I have never given you permission to despise any other person. Never. Show mercy to others as I have shown mercy to you. When the urge to judge comes upon you, remember that you are standing before Me, dripping wet in the mercy I have poured over you at greater cost than you can fathom. Be led forth by My Spirit of grace and truth and mercy into the world that I still love so much.”

Photo credit: Carol Schafer / Israel

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