Take Me with You

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“Where are you going this day, My child? Will you take Me with you? Don’t make your answer a quick and ready ‘yes.’ Instead, take time to be thoughtful. Have you spent time with Me yet today? Have you read My Word and intentionally centred your thoughts on My thoughts? Have you settled your questions about My goodness in your own heart before you proclaim it to others? Be assured that others are able to discern the authenticity of your comments about Me—as to whether you believe them deep down in your own heart.


“Be ready for the day by centring yourself in Me. Then, as we go forward, we do it together. But if you bring along all of your ambitions, biases, and expectations, your day becomes crowded by the competing voices inside of you that insist on being heard. And they usually are heard by those around you. Don’t assume that the words that are spoken from your lips are from Me. Just because you assume so doesn’t mean it is so. You must quiet your own thoughts, child, if you are to hear Me at all. Give this careful consideration. Let Me have access to your opinions. Do they truly align with My Word—or only with your interpretation of it in the moment?

“Spend time with Me, child, and let Me heal your heart in the quiet place each and every day. It’s what I desire to do for you. Will you set yourself apart to be with Me? Will you position yourself to learn from Me? Each and every day.”

Photo credit: Carol Schafer / Canada

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