Unhindered Delight

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“My favour surrounds you, My beloved child, as you seek Me from morning’s light until night’s starlight. I have swept away your offenses as the wind blows away a darkening cloud; they are gone even as the early mist vanishes with the morning sun. Can you find your sins? No! They are gone. In humility and faith you have asked for and have received My forgiveness. Let that truth saturate your heart. Think on it often, for it brings forth the gratitude that I find so becoming in you. So many of My children become complacent or indifferent toward the enormous price that was paid for their redemption. Be not like those, but be one who never ‘gets over’ the miracle of your salvation. Know that, as you humble yourself before Me in heartfelt repentance whenever you wander from My righteous path, I warmly welcome you back into perfect fellowship with Me. My arms are always open to you, and My desire is that we continue our journey together—unhindered by sin, unhindered by the world and its ways, and eventually, unhindered by time itself. You are Mine for all of eternity.

Haiti 2012 321.JPG

“I delight in your company, beloved. Delight yourself also in Me. Don’t look for trouble where there is none. Don’t worry about things that I have not required of you. Enjoy the peace that comes with walking closely with Me. It is My gift to those who choose to stay near Me in heart and soul and mind. My Son’s sacrifice made it possible for you to experience supernatural peace even on ordinary days. Think on that and be delighted at the generous portion of peace that is yours each and every day.”

Psalm 29:11; Micah 7:8; Isaiah 44:22; Romans 5:1; Isaiah 54:17; Psalm 136:4

Photo credit: Carol Schafer  / Haiti

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