Peace and Quiet

I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“Walk in peace, child, and watch what happens. Others will notice, and they will be drawn to Me because it is My peace in you that speaks to their spirit. Don’t be surprised when someone chooses to stand near you for no apparent reason; though they don’t understand it themselves, they are enjoying the peace of My presence in you. Let them. It may be the greatest measure of peace they will know that day. You needn’t speak a word unless I direct you to do so. If they ask you a question, I will give you the answer. Peace is most often enjoyed in quietude. Peace and quiet. Let this be your portion to share with others. Don’t think of it as nothing—I can use it mightily as a witness of My Presence in your life.

DSCN5342“Feel free to share with others what I give to you. Help them understand that when you sit in the darkness that is the world around you, My Presence burns as a light inside you, so that you need not fear any weapon that comes against you. Weapons of the world will fail: threats will fail; worries will fail; bad reports will fail; circumstances will fail to keep you under their control because peace has already won the day-by-day battle in and for your heart. For the Lord gives strength to His people and blesses them with peace. The Lord of Heaven’s Armies protects His own.

“Walk with Me, child, with peace and quiet in your heart and soul. Let’s move on to accomplish great wonders together, for My steadfast love endures forever and there’s yet a harvest of souls to come into My Kingdom. Come, labour with Me in the ministry of peace and quiet.”

Psalm 29:11; Isaiah 30:15; Romans 5:1; Isaiah 54:17

Photo credit: Carol Schafer / Engedi, Israel

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