I Will Be With You


I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“Wherever you go today, I am with you, and wherever you will go in the days ahead, I will be with you there as well. It’s My unbreakable promise to you. Never fear the future, for I am already there and I am your safe place and your protection. Lean into Me and My presence and allow Me to still your fluttering, unsteady heart. When you press your heart against Mine, it will learn to beat in sync with My love for you. When you’ve reached that sweet spot of sensing the rhythm of My heart for you and yours for Me, then you will be prepared to speak My heart from your heart.

“Take time in the quiet place to receive My love for you. You cannot get too much time alone with Me—but you do risk not getting enough. Don’t hesitate to assess and reorganize your priorities when you feel out of sync with others—that only means that you need to give yourself permission to come away with Me, beloved. I’m always waiting, always ready and available. Those long conversations we share when we’re somewhere away and separate—I long for those even more than you do. Allow Me the lovely privilege of time spent with the one I gave My life for—the one I love that much—you!”

Photo credit: Carol Schafer / Canada

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