My Grandeur


I hear my Abba’s still, small voice:

“Choose to see My grandeur, for I am full of majesty and all My works are majestic and powerful. When I am doing a great work in your life, you have to choose how you will see it. And what you will call it. I am doing a grand work in your life that will display My strength and glory at work in you. Some will look at My work and say it is harsh, or that it is severe, but I say that My majesty is not for the weakling, the cowardly, or the couch potato! The skies are not always clear blue, but they are glorious! The day is not always warm, but you do not have to see the elements as hostile. Choose your words. Choose your outlook. And in many ways, you will choose your outcome. Choose well—and live abundantly!

“The road before you may be clear and straight, but only for a time. You will need to round a bend or two as you go the distance with Me. I know the way I am taking you. Take care, pray much, and lean in on Me as you travel the days of your life. Changes will come, and they will present new vistas that will delight you and keep you going. You want to see My path for you? Then stay alert and keep your eyes on the road ahead. Few travel this way, but this is the path of My grandeur.”

Photo credit: Carol Schafer / Canada

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